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Camping Prads Haute-Bléone
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An untouristy region waiting to be explored

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Haute-Bléone is a protected and still untouristy valley located at the very heart of the Haute Provence Geopark and on the VIAPAC contemporary art itinerary. It is surrounded by peaks up to 3,000 m high and characterised by vegetation influenced by the Mediterranean climate. The river Bléone – which gives the valley its name – and its tributaries are a vast area for play, activities and relaxation.

This is the natural border between Provence and the Alps, which shelters a wealth of natural treasures.

Our Provençal mountains give everyone what they look for: calm and revitalisation; an area for adventure, play and sport; or naturalist research in a strictly protected environment.

Sound walks in Haute-Bléone

Sound walks are an original means of discovering the valley, through stories told by old-timers or by those who are creating the area’s history in various fields today.

Jean-Marc NEGRE from the Association MadrigalProd has recorded the people who make Haute Bléone special.

How does it work?

Click here to download the sound walk of your choice as an MP3 file onto your MP3 player or Smartphone.

The audio accounts are listed on several hiking maps that feature in the Haute-Bléone tourist brochure, where they are indicated by a logo consisting of a set of headphones.

Go meet these people by listening to their accounts whilst walking or hiking!


28 to 30 July: Fête patronale of Prads Haute-Bléone with entertainment and music.

First weekend in August: Festival with barbecue and divers events, a big barbecue for everyone (by prior reservation at the Mairie on +33 (0)4 92 34 90 81

15 August: Art goes a-rambling, car boot sale, events and music.