Yoga lessons in the mandala yourte with Yvan, yoga instructor

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Presentation and origins of yoga

Buddha statue

Yoga, a science since several millenia, finds its origin in India. Evolving in time, Yoga grows rich of techniques, texts, practices and diverse beliefs .

By the beginning of our era, a wise man compiles ancient texts, reviews practices and inspired from the formulation of the Buddhist education, he writes the work of modern Yoga, the « Yoga-Sutra ».

Since, this work inspires practice with as ultime purpose to transcend the world of spirit and the living matter to go out of any suffering. Yoga is not a religion, but a « philosophy with courses » with a purpose.

A deep peace of the spirit is at once a stage in this progress and a consequence of its realisation. This peace allows the « right action  » and helps us to abandon the world of « reaction ».

Everybody its own yoga practice

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Of course, everybody finds his of her own purpose when starting Yoga. Pain in the body, need to relax, desire to explore our inside world… every stap on the way of Yoga has to allow us to feel better.

To know yourself better, to use your own capacties in a better way and decrease our weaknesses. Then move forward step by step to enrich the your self-knowledge by developing your sensibility and your necessary mental strength on the meeting of this knowledge.

Abandon your conditioning habits and replace them by « nothing »; only by a mental brightness free from its concepts and prejudices.

Yoga lessons at campsite Mandala

Yoga presented at Mandala is a simple but sincere approach of this ancestral science.

Every morning from 8.30 am to 9.30 am in July and August and on request the rest of the time, the lessons for individuals take place in the big « Mandala » yourte. Timetable may alter according to requests and organisation of campsite activities.

A box in free donation is left in the yourte and everybody is free to donate the amount of his of her choice.

Groups may request sessions with a special timetable (on estimate).

We supply matresses, please bring a towel or pareo to put on top and a shawl or warm garment for relaxation.

The sessions take into account everybody's level and the exercices are adapted to personal limits as well. One says : « it is not the individual which adapts to Yoga, but Yoga which adapts to everyone »!

So everybody is welcome and can join us.

Simple warming up exercices prepare the session and we pay particularly attention to vertebral column. Breathing is essential in our practice and we gradually learn to connect our breath on the respiration sur le rhythm of our movements.

Slowly, you will discover unknown feelings which will allow you to encounter new parts of yourselves.

At the end of the session, a relaxation or meditative part is offered in order to allow you to extend the peace and the encounter with yourself.

Yvan also offers the possibility to combine hiking and yoga practice thanks to our activity hiking yoga.

A Zen campsite and a unique concept

In this Yoga atmosphere at the heart of our campsite in the Mandala yourte, it is so peaceful and a wonderful « feeling of well-being » spreads all over the area!

Games we practice on spacious green fields are joyful and friendly but rarely agitated.

Relationships between guests are warm for we favor a « real » human relationship from the heart where everybody can be his or her self and respect everybody else!

This is why our tiny campsite is searching for Zen spirit or to maintain it! It ain't always easy, but it is our ultimate purpose!